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5 dagen Craniosacral Biodynamics met Franklyn Sills: The Prenatal Person - Friesland

Datum: 13-11-2011


Organisatie: Glucia Pedrosa Canabrava

Van zondag 13 november 2011 vanaf 18 uur t/m vrijdag 18 november 2011 om 12 uur

The Prenatal Person: Healing Traumatic impacts of early experience
The prenatal experience is the fundamental ground for both physiological and psychological development.  The prenate is sentient, makes decisions about its experience and takes shape accordingly.  In this workshop we will explore the prenatal period both conceptually and experientially.  Using a psycho-spiritual conceptual framework originally developed by Dr. Frank Lake, we will learn to access unresolved prenatal fulcrums within a cranial context and, in a resourced  and refined way, hold them in the light of adult present awareness.  Work will integrate biodynamic craniosacral approaches to traumatic forces within the system with access approaches to the anture of our earliest experiences.  We will orient to conception, implantation and the overall womb experience.

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