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ICA - International Chiropractors Association

ICA Headquarters
6400 Arlington Blvd., Ste 800
Falls Church, VA 22042
1 703 528 5000

The International Chiropractors Association (ICA) is the world's oldest international chiropractic professional organization representing nearly 8,000 practitioners, students, chiropractic assistants, educators and lay persons world-wide dedicated to the growth and development of the chiropractic profession based on its fundamental principles and philosophy.

The ICA has a long and distinguished history. It was established in 1926 in Davenport, Iowa in the United States by Dr. B. J. Palmer who served as ICA president till his death in 1961. Since then other leaders have emerged to carry ICA and the profession forward, but always remaining true to the principles and philosophy on which it was founded, fighting to preserve its unique identity as a separate, distinct and drugless health care profession.

To empower humanity in the expression of maximum health, wellness and human potential through universal chiropractic expression and utilization

To advance chiropractic throughout the world as a distinct health care profession predicated upon its unique philosophy, science, and art.

  • Maintain and promote chiropractic's unique identity as a non-therapeutic, drugless and surgical-free health science, based on its fundamental principles and philosophy.
  • Provide leadership in the establishment of chiropractic licensure regulation in every nation and promote the quality and authenticity of chiropractic education.
  • Foster the professional and technical development of the Doctor of Chiropractic through programs of continuing education, research, political, and social action.
  • Encourage the highest professional, technical, and ethical standards for the doctor of chiropractic while safeguarding the professional welfare of its members.
  • Champion the principle that every citizen in the world has the right to freedom of choice in health care and be able to choose unhampered the doctor and the healing art of his/her choice.
  • Work harmoniously with other health care organizations and governments in a global humanitarian effort to foster chiropractic and spinal hygiene in the fields of family health (including children, women, and the elderly), and occupational health.
  • Work for full inclusion of chiropractic in all public and private health care delivery programs.

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